Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Popcorn: Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll Movies

From Blackboard Jungle to Quadrophenia, from 8 Mile to Abba: the Movie, no one has seriously looked at the strange phenomenon that is the rock ‘n’ roll movie. Garry Mulholland, critically acclaimed author of This Is Uncool and Fear of Music, turns his focus away from classic records to the best, the worst, the weird and the completely deranged from the world of the rock movie. Part serious critical appreciation, part celebration of B-movie trash, Garry Mulholland’s inclusive approach is the key to his success. He is as comfortable deconstructing the likes of Performance, Sympathy For the Devil or Jubilee as he is celebrating Footloose or Jailhouse Rock. As he writes: ‘ . . . Anyone who rejects the joy that the likes of Grease or Dirty Dancing or Fame have brought to millions of people without even attempting to engage with why such unapologetic trash works can’t really be that interested in filmgoers at all.’ Popcorn aims to be the first and last word on music in film.

Published by Orion in March 2010

7 Responses to “Popcorn: Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll Movies”

Doug Batchelor Says:

I’m glad to hear you’re writing again Garry.
This book looks to be a real treat!
It’s about time somebody wrote about music oriented movies.

Lizz Mather Says:

I was just wondering if this book will be avalible any sooner than march 2010. I’m doing my disertation on rock ‘n’ roll movies and this book would be perfect.

Cameron Findlay Says:

Got the book for my birthday & loved it. About time a book like this was written! If you ever extend it, I suggest 200 Motels by Frank Zappa as a film to look at – truly THE worst film I’ve ever seen (And I’ve seen a lot!!).Privelege has been rereleased for DVD now so I may look it up on your recommendation.Glad to say we agree on Footloose as a good movie though unlike you I enjoy the Blues Brother.Thanks for a good read.

Chris Lilly Says:

Just read this, and enjoyed it, and even agreed with quite a lot of it; I don’t suppose you are really looking for readers to go: “Yes, my thoughts exactly. The Band ARE absolutely useless and not one of the finest sets of musicians to play rock.”

Two corrections; the book calls G. Gordon LIDDY G.Gordon LIBBY, which is a bit weird, but much worse by your own values, the entry on “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” has two references to James Jamerson and Benny Benjamin. The 2nd correctly describes their instruments, but the first, the one you get to initially and makes you shout What?? and throw things, suggests that Mr Benjamin played bass and that the astounding James Jamerson was a drummer. Please call back all copies of the book and correct this.

A Wild Garden Says:

Thanks God I studied English to enjoy this terrific book! Unfortunatelly, in Brazil the translations are so awfull! All the truth about the profitable market Rock’n roll became!

Michael Marshall Says:

Garry-great book- loved it. One correction- in your review of Let It Be you say that in one scene Macca is accompanied by his daughter Stella. In fact the little girl is Heather from Linda’s first marriage. Some noteworthy omissions- Rust Never Sleeps, Eat the Document, Human Highway, Imagine, Journey through the Past and Renaldo& Clara

Robert Zimmerman Says:

Don’t look back – “yawn-inducing” fortunately my copy has absorbent pages so I can find a use for it

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