Sunday, December 7th, 2008

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J Calvert Says:

Is there anyway to contact you Garry? e-mail address?

mark k lein Says:

just stumbled across your book in the local library, and now need to find my own copy.

damn you. ive been in my basement w my vinyl for 5 days straight now.
my family is getting concerned.

Lenny Says:

Hi Garry,
I have just accquired a copy of the book, so apologies for being just a few years late in contacting you, but I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your references to The Rezillos “I Can’t Stand My Baby”, as it was the first single I released on my Sensible Records label (catalogue number: FAB 1). I’m also really chuffed that you chose to include it as one of the greatest 500 singles. You are clearly a person of superb musical taste.

I still see some of the band from time to time – Joe Callis/Luke Warm occasionally drinks in my local boozer, and I very recently saw Alan Forbes/Eugene Reynolds and Sheila Hynde/Fay Fife again (they were at a surprise birthday party that another friend had organised for my,er, 60th…). I also sometimes also see ex-bass player William Mysterious but, with a slight alcohol problem, he’s not doing so well…

For reasons too tedious to mention, I’ve recently ditched my long-time local newspaper (The Scotsman) in favour of The Guardian, so I look forward to reading your work there in future.

Kindest regards from bonny Scotland,


James Says:

Considering that I’m the only person that has wrote anything on this I doubt it gets checked/used, just thought I’d say cheers for Fear Of Music, it’s got me into loads of news bands, Portishead, Divine Comedy and Public Enemy to name but a few. I’m not sure about the Bowie albums though.

peewee Says:

Lou Reed…You’re thoughts, any closing statements?

peewee Says:

Meant to say your….:/

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