Monday, November 28th, 2011

Stranded At The Drive-In Promo Film

My film debut!

One Response to “Stranded At The Drive-In Promo Film”

Wesley W Hudson Says:

I just finished your “book” “Popcorn” and you need to turn in your typewriter. To give the “Last Waltz” such a low rating because The Band is Canadians doing “fake” American music is a fucking joke when every British band ever popular in the states took their sound from American blues and country and put their own twist on it. That is just what the Band did to the acclaim of any fan or critic that has ever heard them. And to rank Almost Famous as a 2 star film is just plain arrogant. Almost Famous is a beautiful tale of a REAL critic growing up on the road and experiencing the realities of what life on the road with a rock and roll band is really like compared to the fantasy. Your opinion on these matters seems to matter to you more that the music and the way it is portrayed on film. How could you waste ink on Cliff Richards? He is less than a footnote in Rock History. A wannabe Elvis who just happened to copy the king before anyone else had the chance. Not to mention you left out “Great Balls of Fire”, “Monterey Pop”, and Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. Your opinion is shit my friend. You owe me $14.99 and 3 hours of my life back.

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